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Cammareri Bros. Bakery: World-Famous Breads
Established in 1921 and featured in the 1987 movie Moonstruck, Cammareri Bros. is a household name among many Italians. Although the bakery doesn’t directly see to walk-ins, it caters to many food service clients in New York. Clients include high-end restaurants such as Manhattan’s Thalassa and II
Cortile Ristorante and bagel shops such as Bay Ridge, Brooklyn’s Bagel Boy
and Bake Ridge bagels as well as Lioni Italian Heroes (see below), which sells Cammareri breads at retail.
The renowned bakery was founded by Sicilian native Nicholas Cammareri and today is run by his grandsons Nicholas and Paul Cammareri, third-generation owners. Cammareri Bros. handmakes all of the products-from ciabatta heros to Calamata pitted olive bread to its signature, best-selling Casatiello Napoletano (prosciuto and cheese bread)-using 100 percent semolina flour and bakes them on-site in brick ovens. Ingredients, such as provolone and Genoa salami, are imported from Italy.
The overhead costs ends up being high, but it’s worth it, if it means producing the perfect bread: crisp on the outside and ready to eat on its own. It’s the kind of bread that makes customers want to sing buonissimo when they take a bite. Cammareri Bros. Bakery, 1559 62nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 718-676-4877.

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